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   “Should I say it’s not nice to see you or would that just come across as a bad joke?”

"…Are you inferring that it isn’t nice to see me?" Jim asked, not necessarily upset but more-so saddened, albeit not much. "Your words are like a nth dagger through my heart, Miss Zatara." He said, acting somewhat melodramatic.

"Besides, humor was never my strong suit."



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‘…My, this quite strange.’ The spirit thought. To say that Jim had seen many odd things in his unlife would be an understatement, and yet, to see Superman as a child would be a new one. If anything, he felt quite puzzled. Lifting his feet from the ground, he floated, circling around Superman…Superboy…whomever, and attempted to piece the reason of his new-found youth. There was no avail.

He merely floated back onto his original spot, in front of him, and nodded. “My apologies.” He said. “Tell me lad…are you truly Superman?”


Clark frowned, watching the…ghost fly around him.  This was…odd.  And he’d seen a lot of weird things.

He nodded, “That I am.  A younger version, but still him.  Who would you be?”

"…Younger?" Jim repeated, thoroughly confused. He patted the tip of his own chin, trying to come up with an appropriate follow up question. Was this not the same Superman he knew of? Somewhat doubtful, considering he did not seem to recognize the specter. Still, it never hurts to be sure.

"So, then you are the same Superman who had co-founded the Justice League? The same Superman who had allied himself with the likes of Batman and Hawkgirl?" He asked. "Surely you know of Lex Luthor."


     Whatever — or whoever — stood before him definitely piqued an unburdened interest in the youth. First he had found himself meandering along a pathway without specific destination as long it kept within boundaries of his familiar vicinity, then suddenly had arrived in another area without much clue to where he was. Normally it would have been a cinch determining where he was with the wisdom of Solomon but the events falling into place didn’t call for Captain Marvel and hopefully they wouldn’t. Though that thought seldom tainted his cognizant which was considerably fortunate. 

     The entity before him was undecipherable. Clearly without a countenance to rely on to identify. Although instead of being completely fearful, the boy was intrigued. He had, afterall, faced off a number of strange beings that weren’t exactly normal. Instead, both ebony brows matching his adumbral filaments perked with astonishment flooding cerulean hues. 

     ”Holy moly!”

     He mustered out. A usual exclamation he picked up from his father — a perfect substitute to profess rather than vulgar language. “You’re a ghost? Cool!” He felt both ends of his lips perk upwards. At his introduction, the young teen acknowledged it with a quick nod and returned it by granting his alias. “You too, sir. My name’s Billy.” Somehow whatever jubilance the unseeable figure mustered, it was returned by the puerile heart. 


The phantom had curiously raised an eyebrow at the young fellow. Of course, such a gesture could not be seen, yet it did not change the fact how surprised Jim was. The youth this day and age seemed so…oh, what was the word? Spoiled? Immature? One of those. It was quite rare for Jim to encounter a child who seemed so polite, so pure. Heaven forbid he went through a similar childhood as the apparition did.

A gloved hand had rested on Jim’s chin as he contemplated his question. Cool? He could not remember the last time someone thought of him as ‘cool’. Frightening, yes, but cool? Unheard of. Of course Jim did not mind the praise, far from it in fact. It was genuinely nice to see someone who had not been mortified by his very appearance, or lack thereof technically.

He chuckled slightly at his question, and nodded in return. Oh how often he had to clarify that he was indeed a ghost. It never really bothered him, however. In actuality, it usually made for an interesting tale. 

Hearing his introduction had Jim respond to it with a bow. “Greetings, Sir Billy!” He said, tone much more cheerful. “I must say, it warms my cold heart to meet someone who is not reviled at the sight of me. You have my thanks, dear boy.”

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“Jordana — Jordan. Whatever you like.” She beamed. The teen was vaguely aware that she had lifted off the ground, now sitting criss cross in the air. “I’m not picky, in fact, I like names, cause out in the field we call each other by numbers! And bleh, I hate that, no me gusta.” Slightly flushed upon realizing she was rambling, Jordana quickly stopped.

“Okay, okay.” With a sigh, her cheeks flushed red. ‘Not one of the best.” The small sign of amusement tinted the other’s voice. Yeah, she got this a lot, more than she actually wanted.

“Some folks back at the corpse call me Teen Lantern!” Jordana exclaimed remembering the topic once more. “But that’s a nickname and doesn’t-really-matter-much and oh, wow, I’m talking again…sorry.”


“So you……so…” Risking another glance at the other, Jordana quirked an eyebrow, lifting the delicate lines of her mask. “You’re a real ghost…wow…I never really thought that…no offense, of course. But I just never thought you guys were real…”

Nodding his head slightly, Jim replied. “Well, then it is a pleasure, Miss Jordana.” The apparition then reached into his pocket for a handkerchief, which he used to clean his monocle. As he did so, he said, “Numbers? My, how soldierly. You Lanterns truly are the law enforcement of space.” He pointed out, slightly amused. After he had finished, he placed his monocle back onto his face.

Though one could not tell, he smiled slightly at the girl’s gawky-like demeanor. Rather typical for an adolescent, admittedly. At the very least those of her age were a tad less serious compared to her adult superiors. 

Jim chuckled to himself. “Well, I assure you, we are quite real indeed. Although, I was not always like this. The man you see before you once had flesh, nearly two hundred years ago. My body has long since decayed, as you can imagine.”

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Of all of things Jim had expected to run into today, a child would have been far, far down the list. Though the specter harbored no ill-will towards the young boy before him of course. He was simply surprised is all. Part of him had wondered just what was going through his head right about now. Surely this boy had never seen someone such as Jim before?

Well, may as well introduce himself. It would be quite rude to just fly away, after all. The Gentleman did a slight bow, and tipped his hat. He greeted him, with his tone being somewhat cheery.

"Afternoon, lad. You may call me the Gentleman Ghost. A pleasure to make your acquaintance."


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Hank’s gaze shifted from the man’s [head? Well, space where a head normally would be] to his own shoulder as he reached toward it. He blinked in astonishment; he was sure he had felt something, before the man’s fingers disappeared into his shoulder.

Eyebrows again travelled upward when he heard two-hundred years’. “Oh, my stars and garters, that is quite a long time… Ah, an Englishman. I don’t know enough of them. I enjoy London very much, though I am yet to travel to the other provinces.”

Hank nodded softly in understanding; he knew many in a similar situation as the man- ghost, before him. “It is always important to live ones life to the fullest, no matter the circumstances.” He smiled. “And I suppose you are wondering why I am covered in blue fur?”

His reaction to Jim’s display was more or less expected. If anything, him claiming that he was a ghost would’ve more than likely prepared him for anything remotely ‘ghost-like’. Jim had given a slight smile at his saying. Stars and garters…how long has it been since he had last heard someone say that? It was nice to meet someone with such an aged vocabulary.

"Well, I hope you visit them one day." He mused. "England is generally quite lovely this time of the year, especially in it’s more rural areas."

Hearing his next choice of words had confused him in a sense. He was almost positive he had heard the phrase before, to live one’s life to the fullest. Turning his head to the side, he responded, “…I am afraid that is already too late for me.” Jim replied. A moment of silence had befell the Ghost before he spoke up once more. “In any case, I did initially wonder as to the reasoning behind your own appearance. I do not suppose you are willing to explain?”